Fifth Level (Yüksek Türkçe C1)

A full explanation of the course: At this stage, the student has completed learning all the tenses and started using them. Each student presents a topic that he has prepared at home. At the end of the stage, the student is fully prepared to discuss topics in general and speak complex terms.

Here the student has reached the required stage in terms of writing, reading and speaking, the rules of this stage: (Tools – Links – Forming sentences and their elements and types)

What might the student learn? The student at this level can understand a wide range of long texts of high difficulty and distinguish figurative meanings in them. He can also express himself fluently and spontaneously without much trouble in searching for the required expressions.

Objective at this level: To have the student at this level use language flexibly and effectively for both social, academic and professional purposes and to craft clear, detailed and well-formed texts on complex topics demonstrating an ability in how to divide and organize the written essay and use construction linking words in it.